Sunday, 9 January 2011


I was talking to a fellow biker (@bazzargh) on Twitter about LEJOG, I was generally moaning about getting used to my new cycle trainer. I was talking about watching tv whilst on the trainer. Straight away he recommended Sufferfest videos, said they were the best thing hes found to train indoors to. I had a look at the website, doing my research as you do.

Sufferfest training videos were recommended everywhere in biking communities, and once i figured out that the $11 price is only £7 the rest was easy. Paid through paypal, the videos are massive files so it does take a while to download but well worth it!

I tried the Angels video saturday morning, unbelievable! They warm you up to get you to the required level then kick your a**! All in a structured way, levels of effort and so many sprints. My legs didnt know what had hit them. This one is a hard hour of biking pain! The video footage is quality and the soundtrack fits really well, not to mention the devilish streak of humour in the comments that pop up!
Sufferfest - Angels

I tried the Revolver video this morning, very exciting, very hard. Intervals of 1 min full whack followed by 1 min rest, sounds ok but you do it 15 times! As you go on I am sure the recovery minutes get shorter! I found this harder than the first video, probably cos I went for it a little more because I had an idea of how it pans out after doing the first one. Some of the comments that pop up had me laughing out loud, 
Sufferfest - Revolver
I will play these two to death then go and get some of the other videos. Quality Stuff.


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