Thursday, 6 January 2011

New Cycle Turbo Trainer

I got it from halfords because it was on offer for £90, about £100 would be ok. Solid piece of kit, though it took me a while to get used to riding on it. You have to prop up the front wheel to get to a comfortable riding position, currently phone book, yellow pages and a readers digest diy manual high! There are plastic blocks available to buy that raise and steady your front wheel, I will have to invest I think. Its pretty quiet too, you can watch tv while your on it and only have to turn volume up slightly, my washing machine makes much more noise! (One of Steves mates owns a trainer that has a fan instead of magnets, he said its like having a helicopter in your house!) I like the 5 levels of resistance too, gives you something to go at, combined with the combination of your own gears. Really easy to set up and use. Dont apply your brakes whilst your riding, or you can damage the roller and your tyre. It makes you clean your bike more often, if your bringing it inside the house, which isnt a bad thing either!

Elite Magnetic Cycle Trainer  (Info from Halfords Website)

"The Elite Magnetic Cycle Trainer mounts your bike and turns it into a home fitness trainer. Featuring five levels of magnetic resistance with remote adjustment and a smooth pedal action this cycle trainer is perfect for tuning your bikes performance indoors. Maintenance free, pre-assembled and easy to use, the Elite Cycle Trainer is ideal for home and indoor use as it is extremely quiet and stable."

Features and Benefits of the Elite Magnetic Cycle Trainer

  • 5 levels of magnetic resistance with remote adjustment for your fitness programme
  • Smooth pedal action for a more comfortable ride
  • Extremely quiet and stable, ideal for indoor use
  • Maintenance free and easy to use
  • Suitable for use with most bikes
  • Pre-assembled

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