Sunday, 16 January 2011

A Good Wet Ride

 Me and Steve went out early this morning 8:30am, even though from checking the weather the previous night we knew it would be heavy rain and windy. Braking in wet weather is difficult, mostly because it takes much longer to stop, we adopted the braking procedure of oil tankers i.e. really early!

Bikemap route

I only take pictures when we stop for a stretch?

River Ribble Preston = Full

wet Dave, am actually quite happy

Deserted park

Not sure how these videos will come out on here but here goes!

 I didnt think I was that wet till I got home and turns out water got everywhere, my sealskinz wetsocks did the job though.


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  1. Nice ride this mornin mate, stoping in the wet is a problem espicially with the bikes loaded up will look into some good pads.