Thursday, 24 February 2011

Its not about the bike

No biking whatsoever this week for me, or this weekend coming either, I am going here:
Krakow, Poland

Continuing my international beer survey......
Its minus 6 degrees C, and thats during the day!
Jay and Ryan (Steves kids 8yo) told me to watch out for Polar Bears.

I will keep an eye out for bikers though, looks like a good city to ride around.


Monday, 21 February 2011

Knott End Training Loop part deux

Here are Steves Video and pics from the weekends biking:

Steve being Judith Charmers!

Knott End
Dave fixing puncture
Dave curling into a ball like a hedgehog?

This is what you do when your mate gets a puncture, take pics!


Saturday, 19 February 2011

Knott End Training Loop

Had a good ride out this morning. Wet and windy. Set off 9am and did a big loop of 55miles.We were out for about 6hours.
I got a puncture on the bridge near Poulton Le Fylde, thats only two punctures in 1500miles on this bike, quite happy with that! Changed inner tube by the side of the road. Pumped it up a bit and went to garage to do it proper, proceeded to pay 20p to let my tyre down fully! Up Yours BP!

Heres the route
We turned round at Knott End by the sea straight into a headwind. It blew in our faces for about 3 hours, turned this ride into a bit of a grueller.
Heres some pictures:

Knott End

and then we rode into the sea

Worst Road Ever!

double yellows? no parking in the sea at anytime

Heres a video:

Heres another video:


Saturday, 12 February 2011

Saturday Morning Playing Out

Had a good ride this morning, early doors 9am start. Steve is away for the weekend mountain biking. My mate Benny came. Benny bought his Ribble bike second hand and Steve gave it a full service, Steve is a bike tech wizard. Its a smart bike, Ribble frames are quality. Set off without a route planned, just went to see where we ended up.
We went out for 2hours and did 20miles.
Heres the route on Bikemap
Through Gregson Lane, Hoghton, Brindle, Clayton Le Woods, Higher Wheelton, Riley Green then back through Hoghton.

Benny got a Puncture. He felt it go instantly but thought his legs had just gone, we had been going slightly fast over these hills. He didnt have a pump or inner tubes. My bike has Schrader valves his Ribble bike has Presta so my pump didnt fit. I need to buy an adapter to allow my pump to be used apparently.
@WilliamNB on Twitter said 'Wilkinson's stock the rubber tube and adapter for just over a quid.'
Its a good job this happened on the way back, we were about 3 miles from home, which we limped to.

I now have somehow ended up with his inner tube in my kitchen, I am not sure how or when I agreed to fix it, he must be some sort of criminal genius.


Friday, 11 February 2011

Peru Biking Video from 2008

In June 2008 I had a fantastic two weeks in Peru. This video is from a days mountain biking we did.
South America was so good, we also did rafting, horse riding, trekked the Inca trail and spent three days in a jungle lodge on the Amazon. Awesome!

It was with a company called KE Adventure Travel. I have travelled with them several times now and I highly recommend them. Have a look at their website multi-activity-peru they go all over.

'Day 5. Mountain biking. Today we have the option of completing one of the best day’s mountain biking in the Andes. A short drive takes us to the start of our largely downhill route.  We pass the impressive circular ruins at Moray and drop down to the awe-inspiring salt mines at Maras, en route to the Urubamba River and our hacienda base.'

It was amazing, look at the colours and the light! Sorry for the shakey camerawork, I am slowly gertting better.


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Yorkshire Dales biking weekend video

Heres a video of part of our training weekend to the Yorkshire Dales back in Sept 2010. This road goes down towards Ribblehead Viaduct, past the Station Inn. Beautiful Weather, Beautiful Scenery. Steve captured this on his cam, which can be fixed to your head or the front or back of the bike. Weve got more videos of that weekend but I am not sure of how big a file upload this will allow?


Turbo trainer video - first attempt!

I attempted to video myself on the turbo trainer tonight. This may well be the dullest video ever, but at least the video came out, a bit! The camera I have got isn't the best, which is why its so dark and it looks like my legs match the colour of the sofa?

The highlight is at 1.11 mins, I didnt know my legs moved that fast! Also if you listen carefully you may be able to hear Harry Hill in the background.
I cant believe its got to this stage, I would usually rip the p### out of anybody else doing this!

Eventually I will attempt to video myself doing a Sufferfest.... (see earlier post on The Sufferfest)


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

New Stem

Well i was supposed to be on a course with work today but it was canceled, so took the opportunity to go for ride did about 25 miles started getting really sore wrists and lower back, so on the way home called into my mates bike shop and spoke to him. He said its most likely your reach which i thought it could be, so anyway bought new shorter and higher stem just fitted it and it feels quit good will be testing out tomorrow on way to work.