Sunday, 2 January 2011

All about Steve

Hi this is me and my bike a Claude Butler Dalesman, i've been riding and fixing bikes for years mainly mountain bikes I'm a instructor for Lancs County Council as part of a outdoor education team working with young people. Anyway the bike I'm riding for LEJOG is the Dalesman the only thing i've changed on it is the saddle and pedals i've put a Brooks touring saddle on really comfy now its broken in and some Shimano spd's. The panniers are Avenir with matching handlebar bag all are fully waterproof with roll top closure very roomy. Overall it's a great ride really responsive, i will put more technical info on when i haven't had four pints.


  1. why didnt you tell me my helmet didnt fricking fit! ha ha ha

  2. Soz Dave, do ya know your helmet looks funny!!