Sunday, 23 January 2011

Rivington Mountain Biking

This afternoon we went mountain biking in Rivington. Good fun, me, Steve and Tim. We tried and failed to get three bikes in the rack on the back of my car, your probably supposed to turn your handle bars straight so three fit on? We are now very used to road bikes and our mountain bikes feel very foreign, like clown bikes? I bounce all over with the suspension, the tyres are massive?! I find its more like playing now, go anywhere, any surface. The weather was fairly mild really, it was rammed with walkers, dog walkers and a few bikers. It was very clear up top. I have never been up there before and the views were quite spectacular, I hope the photos come out.

I experimented with the ActionCam I have just bought, the videos came out 90 degrees the wrong way, also looking at the floor! Plenty of grass, gravel, trees, very bumpy too, think it will be okay on a road bike, with a little bedding in period!
Bikemap route link

We are going to add random mountain biking trips into our training plan, it works the same muscles, and is more like playing out, plus going up the hills still gets you working hard!


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