Sunday, 2 January 2011

Beacon Fell

Went out for a ride at half nine this morning with brother in law Steve.It turns out we did 35 miles, we were out for about 4 hours. Up A6 to Beacon Fell Country Park which is near Preston. The top of Beacon Fell is a one way system because its single lane, thats why theres a repeated circle on the bikemap route (see link below). There also a cafe where we got bacon butties and tea. Bloomin cold, feet were freezing.

 I need to make a mental note to take more pictures, 6 pics from 4hours?!!
" How many pics are of our bikes propped up against fences?"
Heres the route on Bikemap website.

On our way back through city centre of Preston, we watched four guys on road bikes fly through red traffic lights. Then at the next set of lights they did it again. These were busy junctions! Absolute lunacy! I cant put what we actually said at the time cos this is a family blog!

Steve and our bikes

if you look closely, horizon dead centre is blackpool tower!

view from route up beacon fell

this is the face you will pull riding up the steep bits! just kidding
cheers for now

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