Thursday, 21 July 2011

Day 6 and Day 7

Day 6 - 68 miles Bridges to Warrington

Started off going uphill out of valley we stayed overnight in, massive fantastic view of the valley from the top. Started descending on wrong road, mostly because i was distracted by massive downhill, 45.6 mph, new personal best! Thats bloody quick, bike was wobbling all over, as the week progressed I slowed down, mostly because i wanted to finish the whole ride in one piece!
some days were such a struggle?

Easy riding, barely any hills, just a long day, 70 miles is a lot of pedalling.
Overnight in travelodge, pub for tea, happy days.

Day 7 - 63miles Warrington to Over Kellett

Left travelodge early because we had no breakfast, the roads round Warrington were stiil mad busy at 7:30am. Motorway roundabout M56 was dangerous so we went right round the edge, always seem to be turning right at the big roundabouts? Flew along after that, then things got a bit weird, riding through places very close to home, Wigan, Standish, Coppull, very strange. Rode through the village we live in, we actually went past our houses! Didnt go in as we probably wouldnt have left! Did right not going in, saw family at mums house, fed and watered, nice.

Forgetable ride up A6 to Carnforth, we have ridden that road too many times really. Had 3 close encounters with traffic, worst drivers of the trip, far too many!

Rode up to steves dads van, had a dip in the caravan sites outdoor pool, cold once you got in, eased off after a bit, had to be done! :)

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