Why do you want to do this ride??

Well heres our list, its not in any order and its a work in progress:

1.) Love riding the bike, don't just like it, Love it!

2.) Because its there....

3.) Wanted to do a big ride and this is the ultimate in the UK.
(there are many others, but we will get to them later....)

4.) We are outdoorsy people. We go walking, camping, mountain biking, caving, climbing. Steve is a Mountain Leader and Mountain bike instructor.

5.) We are not weather dependant, we arent fair weather bikers. Right gear for the weather!

6.) Doing exercise/activity makes sense to your brain, is great for fitness, makes you feel good, increases your energy levels, prolongs your life.

7.) Karen let us. (Steves wife, my sister) gave us permission to go on a two week expedition.Agreed to the financial aspects and allowed us the time to go training, not to mention the two week epic!

8.) To raise money for Charity. Charities are dependant on donations. (This list isnt in order of importance!)

9.) Because its going to be bloody hard, a massive challenge. Also a massive adventure. We like adventures!

10.) Lejog South to North direction because of chances of prevailing winds being behind us. Midday sun not being in our faces.

11.) We didnt want to ride 100 miles a day so we are going a longer more scenic route.

12.) Cycle touring is the best way to see places.

13.) I spoke to some Lejog riders as they came through Preston on their 9 day ride, 'I havent seen anything, i am gonna have to do it all again but slower'.

14.) Biking = playing and a its a good craic.

15.) Setting targets gives you something to look forward to.

16.) We like drinking Scotch. Scotland is full of whisky, we are there for a week....

17.) Cycling is green, petrol is blooming expensive.

18.) Biking is addictive, it will make you slightly obsessed. (I am considering shaving my legs, mostly cos its funny, how far do you go?)

19.) If you do a massive amount of exercise daily your allowed to eat Eccles Cakes, with all their buttery calories. We like Eccles Cakes. (We like scotch slightly more see point 16.)

20.) 'Bicycle touring is a form of cycling where riders travel long distances, prioritizing pleasure and endurance over utility or speed'. (I stole that from wikipedia)

21.) Cycling relieves stress.

22.) For the thrill of pure road riding.

Cheers for now