Monday, 18 July 2011

Day 2 and Day 3

Day 2 Golant to Exeter 81 miles
Death on a bike! Set off at 9am and finished at 7pm. 10 bloody hours!
view from golant hostel window

any hill that has a percentage isnt good
Near Liskeard we found a fantastic stretch of dual carriageway - 40mph downhill for a long time, like flying, loved it, highlight of the trip so far for me thought i had found god!
Stunning views today, massive downhill sections, wore out some brake rubber today.
Then to Okehampton onto edge of dartmoor. up another 1000ft hill.

Big hills and lots of em, no flat bits around here, your either going uphill or going downhill, theres nothing else!
Plenty of narrow country lanes, high hedges so you cant see anything, had enough of it really, like a rat in a maze!

Road of Death! A30
We finally gave in, after the CTC route took us up every hill it could find, and got on the A30. This is dual carriageway but its pretty much a motorway. We rode in the gutter, dodging cat eyes, grids and a lot of roadkill, and unbelievable amount of dead things actually. Quote of the day was ' dont fall off here or you will definitely die'. Being whipped by branches, dodging wheel trims, there was a truck with a house on the back and people towing speedboats. Quick miles though, never again, very very dangerous.

Ian and Clive had to order our meal at Exeter hostel, arrived and went straight in for it in dirty bike gear, strong cider imbibed, all is well again, legs are wrecked. Exeter is a good city for cycling, from what we saw there were bike lanes all over, impressed!

Day 3 Exeter to Bristol 75 miles
First 30miles flew by, good roads, wind behind us, a couple of big hills. Lashed down after lunch, very wet. Long day, riding was alright, glad to be out of Devon and Cornwall. At the end of the day there is a big hill 1000ft which Bristol airport sits on top of, pretty steep, killer, we got drenched again, long way up on a busy road. Massive downhill into Bristol. Nice. Big cup of tea that i had been looking forward to for hours.

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