Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Day 4 and Day 5

Day 4 Bristol to Ledbury 56 miles
Bristol early doors, came closer to a bus than is safe, we seem to hit the four lane roundabouts at rush hour?
Leisurely day, barely any hills. Lovely area, great ride, legs felt quite good, we may have our riding legs now after 4 hard days ride. Minor creaking but nothing to worry about. Quality Woodside bunkhouse - recommended. We wheeled the bikes into the room! We had expected a dusty bunkroom but pretty much got a brand new appartment! Bought loads of food in, coulda fed 4 people.

what panniers are for


view from bunkhouse

Day 5 Ledbury to Bridges 50 miles
Short day, easy ride, quiet roads. We did too many miles too fast and had to slow down or we would have arrived at the hostel far too early, before it was even open.
Lunch in Ludlow, Steve purchased a wooden garden duck for his dad, we christened him Ludlow! Strapped him to the rear rack with bunji chords, very funny.

 Arrived at another big hill 1000ft again, we knew it was coming, looming at the end of the day. Started gradually and went on and on. Topped out then dropped 100ft, very steep, then went up again 100 ft very very steep, barely rideable. Awesome views of the valley.

Then Disaster struck, the pub next door to the hostel was closed for refurb, I held it together by getting into bed fully clothed in dirty biking gear and falling asleep at 5pm! 
Church Stretton hostel is an Old School, lovely place but very creepy at night, bats in the attic!

Later that evening as i was just drifting off to sleep (whilst listening to Machinehead!) Steve fell down the steps of the room and came running across dorm like a loony, i screamed my head off, ha ha ha
We land in Warrington tomoro which is crazy, still loving it, happy that we have had two easy days in a row, if you call 50miles easy? :)

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