Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Time to go! Yeeaaaahhhhhh!!!

Well then here we go, Time to pack up and ... er leave!

We have reached over a £1000 with the sponsorship so far which is unbelievable! We never expected that so thankyou all very much, theres still plenty of time for more

The bikes are prepped, the panniers are packed, the laden bikes weigh about the same as an average 7.5 year old child which is fairly entertaining. This involves standing on me mums scales lifting the bike, then weighing myself without the bike. 4 Stone?

We have trained with bags on the bike anyway, since we got the bikes last year, just not this full! Were taking the minimum gear, no shaving kit - expedition beards! You probably dont want to know how many pairs of keks were not taking either....

Steve knocked up some signs for the back of the bikes, cheers to Halfords for that, theyre actually motorbike number plates. They look really smart, should give us a bit of goodwill from drivers hopefully, and a bit of craic too

We start off in Cornwall, the first three days are going to be amongst the hardest of the whole trip , Day2 being the daddy, because of all the hills. I read another blog of a rider who had just done it this week - 'There are no words to describe how tough the hills were today' @2old2cycle. So thats something to look forward to! The weather for down there on friday is heavy rain ha ha ha

I havent ridden this week, (well apart from friday 30, sat 44, sun 15miles) and am getting a bit twitchy, its called tapering apparently, have an easy week before the big ride so you are fresh and raring to go. I dont like it!

Actually I lost my nerve monday night and nearly set off on the trip, peddling like a good un off to Penzance, which wouldnt have been a good thing seeing as we have a train booked to get down there on friday!

We will try to update this blog during the ride (its not a holiday!), maybe even daily, but it will depend on internet access, will, and whether we decide the pub is a better option!


Also were plotting the next expedition, probably gonna be in 2013! ha ha ha - location TBC...... get involved!

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