Monday, 27 June 2011

day 9 and on and on!!

Day nine, Carlisle to Galloway 74 mile.

Left the dive that Carlisle is and picked up a cycle route 7 out of the city heading for Gretna Green it was shut!!! so didn't get hitched to any big dutch birds that where following us along the day. Eventually ended up at a bunkhouse at Loch Ken where we got a nice evening meal of roast pork and seasonal veg Mmmmm, and while drinking beer outside we where repeatedly dive bombed by midges other than that a nice evening.

Day Ten, Galloway to Arran.

Well what can i say the first 20 miles up hill into the wind a proper sufferfest of pain with only oat bars and flapjacks for breakfast, we stopped at some little village of the dammed where we where told of  for leaning our bikes against the shop window. From then on it was down hill into the wind with the worst roads Scotland could throw at us so far, it got that bad we where actually pedaling down hill to keep up a reasonable speed. Got of ferry on Arran and it was liked we entered a new world it was idyllic riding until we came to a bend in the road and it proceeded upwards forever but like the pro riders we are we didn't shy away from this we just had some wine gums and got on with the job. Got  to youth hostel had a great shower well some of us did and then proceeded to the local tavern to taste their delights.

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  1. Keep it up fella's, sound's like your doing great!
    I'll be wanting some tips off you before I start my JOGLE on the 23rd July.
    Take care.
    Mike Singleton.