Monday, 27 June 2011

Day 4 and on

Sorry weve had no internet access! still enjoying ourselves

Bristol to Ledbury, 74ish miles. A38 out of Bristol, shenanigans road as Adi whos lives there likes to call it, nightmare.Cheers Adi for putting us up and plying us with good food / beer/ scotch.
Lots of rubbish road riding really.
Landed in a bunkhouse near Ledbury, quality place, we wheeled our bikes up a rear access ramp into the room! More like an apartment, bunkhouses shouldnt be this good, 'i feel like were cheating'. Bought food in for bunkhouse, could of fed 4 people, had mandatory beer and wine too, feast!

Ledbury to Bridges, 54miles,
started alright all way up to leominster then a49 to church stretton. Got hilly and steep. At one point it was barely rideable. Stayed over in yha which is an old school, very creepy. pub next door was shut, Disaster.
Told repeatedly by people we met along the way that we were on a rubbish route, should be riding on quieter roads, annoying! ignored em.

Bridges to Warrington, 50 odd miles. started with a massive down hill, new top speed of 45mph. really good morning, nice riding till we got into warrington. stayed in travel lodge, went to pub for tea and beers, happy days.

Warrington to Carnforth 69ishmiles
Got out of madhouse of warrington roads, fast route to home.Riding through our home village and local area was very weird, like a training ride- just finishing off. except we were half way on the trip! rode out of preston, worst drivers we found so far, had about 3 close calls, which is far too many! Good to see family at home, gave us a big lift. Thanks!
Rode up to lancaster, weve ridden up there too many times already, going through the motions. arrived at pete and sues van, had a swim in outdoor pool, fed and watered, cheers!

Carnforth to Carlisle 70miles ish
rode 15 miles into kendal, then started up Shap. 9 miles uphill. we found it alright really, had south west breeze behind us, 1400ft, quite enjoyed it. Then on to penrith and carlisle. stayed over in farm bunkhouse 7 miles outside carlisle, feast again!


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