Friday, 10 June 2011

One week to go! Can you believe it? :)

Thankyou for your kind Donations! Much Appreciated. We want more!

We just want to get going now!
We get the train down to Penzance on Friday 17th, its a 7 hr journey, with 3 changes.

Steve serviced the bikes, trued the wheels on his jig at work, put on new chains, changed cables and put 2 new tyres on my bike as i wore down the rear one on the turbo trainer. He did other stuff too but I wasnt watching, but I was distracted by beer at that point :)

We have made last minute route mod's too, avoiding A30 through Cornwall. This is thanks to some LEJOG riders that came to the bike shop Steve works in. They told him its pretty much a motorway, so were going the scenic route now. Scenic meaning bloody hilly and long still!
The routes are sync'd to our GPS units, the main navigational tool, but weve also got paper copies of day routes, which can be binned after use, or eaten.

We are getting to the stage of packing and just go, the gear were taking is basically:
Biking clothes, Off bike clothes, Bike Mech Stuff, Medical Stuff.

I asked the Eccles Cake Company if they would like to sponsor us, got no reply so far, still keeping fingers crossed for last minute reprieve though.

Ive just asked the Lancashire Evening Post if they wanna put us in the paper, will see what comes of that.

After planning this adventure for a year, its a bit weird that were actually setting off next week!
Its come round pretty quick, this last month has gone really fast. By thursday eve next week I am sure we will be scared/very excited.
People we arent going to see between now and then are wishing us good luck, which is nice!


We cant f###### wait! - Its all about the Ride!
(I wouldnt drive it!)

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