Sunday, 6 March 2011

A Stolen Hour...... and cat bike mechanics

Its getting lighter in the evenings now, the potential for biking after work is increasing everyday!
I noticed this on wednesday eve when it was light for an hour after I got home. Sat in work thurs lunch time I got fairly excited by the idea of sneaking in a cheeky ride straight after work. Once I got home the turn-around was quite quick, it will improve with time, I was on the road by 5:20. Quick few miles, rush hour traffic isnt my favourite thing, really good to get out though. Discovered a new linking country lane, along one of the routes I ride regularly, random direction change is welcome! Stolen hours are the best! The roads round here are getting much worse, combine this with rush hour traffic, awful gaping chasms, dusk and its a recipe for disaster.

I passed 1500 miles outdoors on the Ridgeback thurs night, since I purchased it last May, quite pleased with that seeing as its my first ever road bike, seems a good milestone to knock off. (I have done more miles but these have been on static exercise bike/turbo trainer/mountain bike).  My rear brake blocks have now worn out, bikes need brakes, stopping is necessary!

14 weeks till we go! its getting serious now!

worn out much?
Noola knew my chain was worn out before we did
suggesting we fill the inner tube with slime?
all round inspection? this cats a better bike mech than me!
 Friday afternoon I went round Steves, after Noola the cat had inspected my bike we got it up on his bikestand and changed the brake blocks, front and rear. We tested the chain too and that was worn out so we swapped it, the new one went on straight away without having to remove any links. Then we filled my inner tubes with Slime,
The slime is supposed to flow out and seal your inner tube when you get a puncture, only works on small punctures though, potential for spraying your biking buddies with green goo must be quite high for proper punctures!

After we finished Steve put my baby out in the backyard so I went home!

Cheers for now

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