Saturday, 26 March 2011

Parbold Hill, Rivington then Winter Hill!

11 weeks to go!

Steve and myself went out early doors today, we were on the road for 7am.
Here is the bikemap route - 
Its a combination of a parbold hill ride i did the other week with the addition of Rivington and Winter Hill just to push ourselves training-wise.

We rode for a couple of hours and did 30miles straight off, Ulnes Walton, Mawdesley, Hilldale, over to Rivington. We got a sausage and egg butty with a pot of tea (£9.60), maybe this was a bad idea as straight from there we went up winter hill which is over 1000ft.

Stats: 50 miles, out for 5hours, max speed 38.6mph, total ascent 3300ft, max elev 1098ft. back home for lunch!

we stop in all the best places!

view towards Horwich, theres traffic lights at the bottom so you have to behave

view from halfway up winter hill


farnan matches

The descent of winter hill should have been quicker but it was straight into the wind which slowed us down a lot. Part of the hillside had been on fire overnight, it was still smouldering as we went past.

Good hard ride, hilly and windy up top (easterly).
Overall a really good ride (if you like that sort of thing!)


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