Monday, 21 March 2011

new bike mods, and running a red light near Warrington (naughty)

 I have added front rack and panniers to my bike, 20litres, to spread the load between front and back. Previously when we did test weekend rides carrying full gear, the rear panniers were full with no extra room.
We had a slight bit of faffing fixing the rack onto the bike, because it wanted to use the same holes that the front mudguards use, but with a bit of Macgyver invention we got there in the end, (cheers Steve!)

Top Features of the LifeLine Alloy Front Rack

  • Laser etched logo
  • 10.2mm tubing
  • Max weight: 10KG
  • Powder Coating Matt Black
Constructed from 10.2mm hollow tubes

Top Features of the Carradice CarraDry Universal / Front Panniers (pair)

  • Carradice C-system pannier fittings for quick and secure fitting
  • Welded seams for 100% waterproof protection against rain and road spray
  • Made from 600 denier polyester and PVC nylon
  • Easily sponged clean
  • Can be used on the rear when the larger capacity rear pannier is not needed
  • Hi-viz reflectives front and rear
Fantastic Value Waterproof front or rear panniers.

Time is ticking down, we are now only 12 weeks away from departure, whats all that about?!

I went for a ride saturday morning, hadnt planned a route, just set off down one of the A-roads nearby, we are gradually crossing off all the roads in every direction from home! Took the A49 south from Bamber Bridge heading towards Wigan, plenty of traffic. I ran out of food, mostly because I only took two choc bars. This was linked to the fact I only set out to ride further down the A49 than I had before. This changed when I saw roadsigns for Warrington, turned into a partial dare, I turned around about 8 miles from Warrington because I had had enough of the cars/fumes. I could have easily got there, gone much further too, could have stopped and bought food. But we are actually staying over in Warrington on the main LEJOG ride, we will do the town riding early in the day, not saturday morning shopping traffic. Also I spoke to another group of Lejog riders a while back and one of them got runover in Warrington so that put me off slightly...

I didnt take many pics, cos I was trying not to get run over. Actually took only 3 in total - See below! (not my best efforts....)

just noticed the tins of special brew doh! (theyre not mine)

a view
living dangerously?

I got through Wigan unscathed, pretty luckily cos I rode a red light at one point, (this is very bad i know) there are too many lights all in quick succession. Add in buses, impatient drivers, its not a route I am itching to do again! Its the first time I have noticed the car exhaust fumes getting to me. I turned around in Bryn, had done 20miles, so there was only the minor detail of riding 20 miles back home. The sun came out, makes such a difference having the sun on your back after the weather weve had recently. 08:30 till 12:30 home for lunch 40miles, nice.


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