Saturday, 12 March 2011

Minor navigational issues...

Up and on the road about half eight this morning. I picked another route from my 'On your bike in Lancashire' book. Route 13 - Longridge, Stonyhurst & Chipping. Well that was the intended route anyway....

Heres the route:

I had a minor navigational mishap, 14 miles worth! ha ha ha Mostly because i wasnt looking at the GPS and just followed the road straight when i should have went left. This led to a big hill, i didnt look at Gps going up that either, distracted slightly because I had ridden round there with Steve and knew it was a long slog up that hill. Eventually I realised my mistake a turned round, proceeded to hit 38mph going back down, which is a new personal best!

Found a random country lane and got back on intended route. Good ride, plenty of hills, decent distance of 54miles too. Quiet country lanes with plenty of views. 

Videos and pictures:

er Ribchester
bridge over the River Ribble

I stopped for lunch on a bench by the side of the road, on what I thought was a quiet country lane. A bus drove up mounted the kerb and parked right in front of me with its engine running. I think the driver was trying to kill me with exhaust fumes, wasnt happy, put lunch away sharpish and left. It wasnt even a bus stop! 

The outer ligament of my left knee ( just learned its called the Lateral Collateral Ligament) began to hurt again after about 3 hours. I hope this doesnt become a problem....

13 weeks and 5 days to go!


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