Saturday, 12 February 2011

Saturday Morning Playing Out

Had a good ride this morning, early doors 9am start. Steve is away for the weekend mountain biking. My mate Benny came. Benny bought his Ribble bike second hand and Steve gave it a full service, Steve is a bike tech wizard. Its a smart bike, Ribble frames are quality. Set off without a route planned, just went to see where we ended up.
We went out for 2hours and did 20miles.
Heres the route on Bikemap
Through Gregson Lane, Hoghton, Brindle, Clayton Le Woods, Higher Wheelton, Riley Green then back through Hoghton.

Benny got a Puncture. He felt it go instantly but thought his legs had just gone, we had been going slightly fast over these hills. He didnt have a pump or inner tubes. My bike has Schrader valves his Ribble bike has Presta so my pump didnt fit. I need to buy an adapter to allow my pump to be used apparently.
@WilliamNB on Twitter said 'Wilkinson's stock the rubber tube and adapter for just over a quid.'
Its a good job this happened on the way back, we were about 3 miles from home, which we limped to.

I now have somehow ended up with his inner tube in my kitchen, I am not sure how or when I agreed to fix it, he must be some sort of criminal genius.


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