Saturday, 19 February 2011

Knott End Training Loop

Had a good ride out this morning. Wet and windy. Set off 9am and did a big loop of 55miles.We were out for about 6hours.
I got a puncture on the bridge near Poulton Le Fylde, thats only two punctures in 1500miles on this bike, quite happy with that! Changed inner tube by the side of the road. Pumped it up a bit and went to garage to do it proper, proceeded to pay 20p to let my tyre down fully! Up Yours BP!

Heres the route
We turned round at Knott End by the sea straight into a headwind. It blew in our faces for about 3 hours, turned this ride into a bit of a grueller.
Heres some pictures:

Knott End

and then we rode into the sea

Worst Road Ever!

double yellows? no parking in the sea at anytime

Heres a video:

Heres another video:


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